Random Thoughts

1. When you’re exiting your work parking lot and there’s a STOP sign before the street you should actually stop at it and not fly into the crosswalk. There might be a person trying to run across and they have to quickly jump out of the way and run behind your car. If I didn’t work in the same building as this person (not sure who it was) I may have actually slammed on a hand on their trunk like “Wha!?!”

2. What job could I have that would require my only duties to be to read books? Not read and review or read and edit. Just read.  Probably no job, I’m guessing, but man wouldn’t that be the best!

3. I need a new running/workout playlist. The cell reception in the gym at work is crappy (and no WiFi) so I can’t get iTunes Radio to stream so that’s out (Amazon sort of works… sometimes) and I’ve been listening to the same Girl Talk album for years now with some embarrassing teen-pop music mixed in.

4. When there is an actual running path and/or sidewalk why are people running in street? Especially along a busy road?

5. We went to the store to get a replacement rainbow loom and they were setting up the Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments. Why?

Speaking of the rainbow loom… Hannah made Brian a necklace for his birthday – she “surprised” him with it by telling him it was for me while she was making it.  She also told me it would be, “The most beautiful necklace of his dreams”. He wore it to work on Friday so I think she was right.


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