Day 62 & 63

Friday was a hectic day (all day meetings for me and a commute that was double the normal time):

Mar 02 2012 0081

But Saturday was a big day!  Hannah may be on her way to a diaper-free world!  I "caught" her in the living room this morning (she said "go back in the kitchen, Mommy") but we made it to the bathroom in time for her to do her business in the potty!  Huge accomplishment for a girl who has told us, "I don’t wanna poop in the potty".  She got to pick out a Barbie and she has napped with Rapunzel and went  to bed with her tonight.  Here’s hoping it wasn’t a fluke and the package of pull-ups in her room is the last I’ll have to buy.

Mar 03 2012 0022

Blake spent the afternoon at a birthday party with a special guest:

Mar 03 2012 0065


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