So this is happening

We may have been the owners of one of the ugliest bathrooms in the state of Illinois.  As in I had considered writing into makeover shows to see if we could win a makeover (I’m lazy so that didn’t happen).  As in the bathroom competed with the partially mirrored wall in the ugly contest – and it WON.  But we’ve been living with it for the past 7  years.  No longer!!!  We have FINALLY started the bathroom gutting and redo.  Well, more accurately we have an awesome contractor who has been working on this project for us.  It will probably be done by this weekend (fingers crossed!!!).

Here’s some of our progress pictures.

Why yes, that IS a seashell-shaped sink.  And yes, that IS sponge painted tile on the wall.  You don’t need to ask – because the chosen paint color IS peach.  A trifecta of ugly.  Which, surprisingly, after a while didn’t seem all that bad…

Aug 29 2011 074

It then turned into this.  Nothing was salvaged.

Aug 30 2011 065

Followed by:

Sep 01 2011 056

Right before the Labor  Day  holiday we had this:

Sep 07 2011 022

And we returned to this:

Sep 09 2011 020

It’s all starting to come together:

Sep 13 2011 001

Sep 13 2011 002

I am so unbelievably excited!!!  We have been waiting over 7 years (as long as we’ve been in the  house) to start on the bathrooms.  It’s so nice to see it all coming together!

PS – I was really nervous about this because it’s harder than you think to plan this sort of thing out with no idea how the finished product will REALLY look when it’s in place in your room.  So far I’m happy with all of our decisions.  Thank GOD!

2 thoughts on “So this is happening

  1. Looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    What an improvement…although I hope you saved a sponge painted tile as a reminder of what it once was…i know you debated changing that part of the bathroom! ; )

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