What have we been up to?

Not much and quite a bit all at the same time.

Over the 4th of July weekend Brian and I ran a 5-mile race.  My grandpa has helped organize the race for as long as I can remember – I think  the only year he missed it was the year that Brian and I got married.  I will mention that Brian beat me.  We also celebrated our 7-year anniversary.


The kids had a tea party with my grandma:


Tried sparklers (heavily supervised):


They played with cousins (Blake was there too of course, but for some reason he’s not in the pictures…):



Played at the splash park in deathly heat:



We spent a long weekend with my parents.  We went to the farmer’s market (Hannah heard that and kept asking to go “Old MacDonald”) and the zoo.


We finished t-ball and got a trophy (!!!).


We celebrated a birthday (Brian) and a wedding (my cousin).  I clearly had a wonderful time (and also have no shame).  Mark my words – the running man will make a come back!


271366_228779113827645_100000866747741_603442_3284871_o (1)

(This one ^ is taken during “The Twist” so I have an excuse for that!)

We got side-swiped and the other drive left the scene (only Brian and I were in the car – we were on our way to get the kids from daycare – no one was hurt).  The police eventually found the other guy and thankfully he has insurance.  My car goes into the shop tomorrow.

Clearly we’re exhausted (but certainly don’t need to take a nap or anything crazy like that!).


To end on a happy note:


(We are in so much trouble when she really starts to want to dress herself – each day already starts with “I a princess” requests)

And randomly…

2 years ago:



1 year ago:



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