Wild and Crazy

This weekend we were busy!  We spent Saturday doing yard work and running around.  Then to celebrate Mother’s day I got to “sleep in” until 6:20 and then I ran 10 miles (cut my scheduled run short a mile because I just wasn’t feeling it) during which I saw 6 deer in the forest preserve!  Because we’re crazy we headed out to dinner – with an awesome reservation time of 4:30!!!  Apparently in 2011 Brian and I have decided we are senior citizens.  In all fairness the time was perfect – we had our food by 5:15 and were able to get home in time to get Hannah in the bath before she had a public meltdown (we *just*  missed it though because there was an epic meltdown right before we got her in the bath).

These pictures were actually taken last weekend.  Clearly Blake was not tired and did not need a nap last Saturday:


The elastic on these wings might need to be repaired.  And that might be because somebody’s older brother was wearing them one night before bed.  Not naming any names…


Planting some of the geraniums that Brian’s mom brought over on Sunday:


Hannah wore a headband for most of the day (she put in on herself a few times)and then right before we went out to dinner decided she didn’t want it anymore.  Awesome headband hair resulted:


Hope everyone had a wonderful mother’s day!  Happy mother’s day to all of the mom’s out there – especially my mom who is pretty much the best mom in the world (and is likely the only reason we don’t live in squalor since she cleans and straightens like nobody’s business when she visits).

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