Monday Monday

This morning Hannah slept in (hooray!) until 6AM (yes, really, that’s sleeping in).  It was a short-lived celebration on  my end.  Partly because I stayed up way to late watching a movie on Netflix streaming.  But mostly because at some point during the night she had gotten sick.  Guess it was too much birthday cake for Brian’s mom’s birthday last night? 


Or maybe the culprit was learning how to eat an “Oreo” this weekend (quotes because they’re technically the Newman’s Own kind – slightly less chemically…  I think).  We ended up with a bag full of cookies with the frosting scraped off (she was able to grab the container off the counter – sneaky little thing).  This may be my new favorite picture of her!


Poor little thing was stinky and full of dried on vomit but in really good spirits!  She stood on the floor next to  her crib, pointed and said, “Mess”.  Yes, you are correct.  My best guess as to the cause is the cake since the “mess” had a greenish blue tint to it.  Yum.

We ended up giving her a shower and throwing every bit of bedding from her room into the laundry.  Positive spin on the situation?  Hannah is now a huge fan of showers and comes out of the tub more willingly than when she takes a bath.  AND all of the crib bedding is now clean as well as some of the previously less than clean stuffed animals.

I got to work and saw that the tax return I completed last night and e-filed had been rejected.  Not cool.  BUT when I got home I was able to fix the error in less than 10 minutes (something to do with economic stimulus that I thought we got but we didn’t) and it ended up being a $500 mistake.  IN OUR FAVOR!  So the amount we are paying in is so much less than I had thought it would be.

The weather in some parts of Illinois was decent but it was still pretty cold for us – we spent most of the weekend indoors with a few trips to the hardware store to update the coat closet storage.  And the tickle monster made an appearance.  Take note:  In our house the only place you’re safe from the tickle monster is in this fort:


(We also have no idea where the forehead wound came from – it happened at daycare and they didn’t even know what happened because she never cried, just came in from playing outside with that on her head!)

Blake continues on the superhero kick – the soundtrack to our house seems to be Blake singing the superman theme (echoed by Hannah).  And he also describes everything with “super” at the beginning.  Right now he’s making me a superhero picture to bring to work. But I have to make sure I bring it home because it’s, “Super awesome.”  Okay then.  Here’s hoping we all have a super awesome week!


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