(And no, not the “fun” Gwyneth Paltrow newsletter type)

I woke up this morning unable to open my left eye – it was glued shut with goop.  I actually was scheduled to have the day off and was planning on running errands, taking a LONG nap and working out.  Instead I spent part of my day at the Dr. and I now have some wonderful drops for my pinkeye.  No one in the house is sick so I’m blaming this one on the eye appointment I had on Tuesday in which they had to pry my eyes open for the dilation drops.  Blech.

To end on a high note…

At daycare the other day the kids in Blake’s room read a story about nicknames so they were going around telling their nickname.  It got to Blake and he said he knew he had a nickname – instead of Blake his daddy calls him “Son”.

And also – Hannah has a new phrase.  She’ll come up and climb into my lap and say “I cuddle you”.  Awwwwww……

One of these days I HAVE to get one of those quote books.


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