Overheard on “Valentimes” Day

(That’s how Blake says it.  “bee-dee-bime” is how Hannah has been saying it)

We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s day.  Last night we had dinner at home and were pretty laid back – heck, I ran 4 miles after Hannah was in bed!

The highlight of the day was Brian telling me this story.  It is probably my favorite Valentine’s story ever.

After work yesterday Brian went to the grocery store closest to our house to pick up some flowers.  The floral section of the store?  Decimated.  There were quite a few pre-paid arrangements with huge ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ signs everywhere but the rest of the flowers were not in great shape.  He managed to snag one of the remaining bouquets (carnations and daisies – what can you hope for at 4:30 the day of).  A guy nearby had a panicked look on his face and said, “Is this all there is?”  Brian just laughed (sensitivity IS his middle name) and said, “I’ll be fine but I don’t know about you!”

We were laughing about it all night last night, “Is this all there is?” and it is still making me laugh tonight.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

PS – Brian is also in overprotective father mode.  I heard from another mom at daycare today that when she asked her son who his valentine was he said “Hannah”.  Awwwwwww.


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