In case you didn’t know…

1.  The Packers won the Super Bowl!!!


2.  If you say “Go Packers” around Hannah she will respond with “Bears”.

3.  Hannah does have teeth!!!  We went to the pediatric dentist last weekend and she had x-rays taken.  Teeth are there they are just taking their sweet time to come in.  We go back in April for a follow-up and to discuss any next steps (which is basically just “wait and see” or the option of “open the gums” which sounds awful and I’m hoping isn’t the only option left come April).

4.  If  you have to preface a question with “Can I ask you a rude question?” you should probably not ask it.

5.  If anyone ever asks you “Can I ask you a rude question?” you should probably say no.

6.  If you don’t say no?  You may just find yourself saying, “No, I’m not pregnant”.  Oddly enough you might just find yourself apologizing more than the person asking the question.

7.  After having answered that question you may contemplate just how much Valentine’s candy you have been eating.  And whether or not you should throw away the sweater you were wearing at the time (very similar to the sweater below which I used to think was pretty cute but now I’m reconsidering…)


8.  Light up Toy Story shoes may just be the greatest thing ever for a 4-year-old boy.  We got news shoes for Blake this weekend at Target (Rogan’s had NOTHING in his size which was pretty ridiculous).  He LOVES them and I think if we let him he would wear them to bed.

9.  Letting the kids play in the bathroom while you’re eating dinner with your in-laws is great.  Until one of them locks the other one in the bathroom…  And actually I think Blake was more upset by it than Hannah was – she just happily played in there until we took the doorknob off and opened the door.  I don’t even think she realized anything was wrong!

10.  Weekends are much too short.



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