This morning (5AM) we woke up to a house that was 57*.  Yikes!  It seems like the funace intake was blocked by the snow or the power surges ended up shutting off the furnace (it happened last night before we went to bed but we had it up and running again before we went to bed).  Brian braved the elements and dug a path to the side of the house so he could clear out an area near the intake.  So far so good!

There’s a travel ban for all of Lake County, Illinois.  No one is supposed to be on the roads.  .  Both my office and Brian’s are closed (originally it was just my office – even though we work for the same company – go figure!).  Daycare is closed.  We’re not going anywhere.  Our cable/phone/internet are down (so obviously this is going to be published later).  A neighbor across the street works for the cable company and I guess there’s a power outage there so I’m not holding out hope that it will be restored anytime soon.

4:00 PM



Feb 01 2011 020


Feb 02 2011 001

7:30AM (after Brian went out to shovel)

Feb 02 2011 005

8:00AM – the kids don’t seem to be to upset about the snow day

Feb 02 2011 008

We went out to shovel again around 9AM and the plows came through around 9:30AM.




These aren’t our typical plows – this one came through first followed  by a “normal” plow.  It was so strange to be on our street before they plowed – normally the village is really good about clearing the roads overnight but based on how the snow was falling and drifting it’s probably good that they waited.

Hannah and Blake seemed to enjoy the snow (as much as Hannah could while refusing to wear mittens for a good portion of the time we were outside). 



Clearly we’re all about the child labor.


(Oh yeah, we DO still have our Holiday lights and wreath up…  Whoops!)

Brian cleared the snow off the roof and cleared the front walk one more time and this was the result (1PM Wednesday).  The pile near the front door is taller than I am (I admit that I’m not very tall but hey – more than 5 feet is CRAZY!)  This snowfall reminds me of the storms I remember having when I was little.  Fun!



The phone/internet JUST came back on (2:40PM) – HOORAY!!!

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