Here in the Midwest we’re bracing for a winter storm (15-24 inches by the time it’s over) so that’s ALL we’ve been hearing about the last two days.  Brian is currently making a last-minute trip to the grocery store for some supplies (milk, eggs, flour, etc.) since it looks like we’ll be housebound tomorrow.

Daycare is officially closed tomorrow and I’m sort of hoping that our work facilities close (though that seems about as likely as me spontaneously losing my extra 10 pounds of “winter weight” overnight).  Even if they should  happen to close I’m not sure how that really impacts our ability to work since we can technically work remotely no matter what.  Any suggestions on how to occupy a almost-2 and 4-year old indoors for a day?  My main concern is really whether or not our power will stay on since it’s been flickering a bit the last two hours…  Yikes!

Here’s what Hannah thinks of the snowstorm (we were at a birthday party on Friday night and she went down a slide that was a *bit* bigger than she’s used to – but she was bound and determined to do it by herself, darn it):


She’s also brushing up on her snow clearing skills:


Oh, sorry.  You don’t have a snow shovel inside your house?

In truth both kids are sort of excited by the snow – they love to play outside in it for about 5 minutes so they don’t mind it at all!  Here’s hoping their moods continue to be like this:


Why yes, that IS yogurt on Hannah’s forehead and chocolate milk on her shirt.  Did you not catch the part about “do it by herself”?

So far we haven’t seen much in terms of snow but the wind is crazy so the drifts will likely be out of control (the picture below is from 4PM-ish on Tuesday – I shoveled about 2 hours before this):


Completely unrelated to the weather I am also strangely excited to receive a recent purchase in the next few days (crazy deal on Barnes and Noble that meant two books were the price of what one is regularly):


I’m also unsure whether  it is a blessing or a curse that we are housebound with a half box of Trader Joe’s Jo-Jos…


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