Excitement for good old Manitowoc

President Obama was in my hometown today:


Also exciting?  The Packers are in the  Superbowl (poor Brian is so sad).

Not as exciting?  A trip to the doctor for a little girl with a 102* fever.  Yikes!  A little worrying since two kids in Hannah’s class were out with Whooping Cough (seriously – what the hell?!?) but they think it’s a virus-ear infection combo.  Poor thing keeps coughing but the NP thought it sounded like the type of cough from nasal drainage and not the dry Whooping Cough type cough.  Fingers crossed she bounces back quickly.


Confession – I took this on Monday (I think?) and I probably should have known something was up at that point.  Poor thing emptied almost the whole box (using one tissue per wipe).

Hannah also seems to be getting 2 more teeth but not up front… Interesting…  Blake had his check up with the dentist yesterday and the dentist suggested we bring Hannah in for a check.  In two weeks we’ll figure out what the heck is going on.

Good thing we’re friends with Batman:


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