The Packers are facing the Bears for the NFC Championship game next weekend.  It should be fun!  I am considering buying earplugs so I don’t have to listen to Brian’s smack talking…

Yesterday when Blake and Brian went to a birthday party Hannah and I went up to Madison for a visit with my high school/college friends and their kids (there might have been some other Packers fans there…):


While I was finishing dinner tonight (which was a major fail and we threw away most of the leftovers – something that rarely happens in our house) Brian and the kids went outside to play.  Despite how the pictures look they had fun (Hannah is crying because she wouldn’t keep her mittens on but kept falling in the snow and her hands were cold – Blake was mad because I kept trying to take his picture so he’s waving off the paparazzi):



Still trying to decide if we’re going to have a party for the game next weekend.  I may have to stay with friends if the Packers lose…


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