By the Numbers: Christmas 2010

Number of children’s Christmas outfits left in Illinois:  2  (they were sitting on the bed…  not sure how I didn’t get them into the suitcase…)

Trips to Michigan that were aborted: 1 (nasty bout of the flu there so rather than being sequestered or risk getting sick we stayed at my parents’ and had a mini family holiday there instead)

Shopping carts climbed into: 1 (she got into it on her own and then was upset that it wasn’t very comfortable)


Sugar ingested:  Uncounted  (while decorating the sugar cookies Hannah started to dip them in the icing like chips – that child is an evil genius!)

IMG_1848 IMG_1854

Spiderman masks received: 1  (it is AWESOME when it’s on but unfortunately Blake doesn’t like me to take his picture with it on)


E-readers that appeared at Christmas: 3!!!  (And oh how I love the Nook Color)

“Lightsavers” received:  2 (and yikes, that is just a small view of the mess we make when at my parents’ house)


Number of post-Christmas haircuts: 1  (much less “mullet-like”)

IMG_1866 to this: IMG_1906

Number of times I exercised: 3 (I just had to include it because I’m so dang proud I got off my butt in order to counteract the massive amount of food I ate)

Number of days Hannah slept later than 5:15AM:  0

Pictures in which I do not look like I’m going to die from lack of sleep:  0 (see above)

Number of children in Wisconsin with their grandparents until Wednesday morning:  2


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