You would be so very wrong

You might thing that it would be interesting or exciting to be selected for jury duty.  From my experience today you would be wrong.  I have been sitting in the same room and same exact spot for almost 4 hours.  Thankfully there is free WiFi but I am starting to worry that I will run out of internet.  Seriously.

This weekend we had another week of swimming lessons.  Both kids did really well – Hannah was in a life jacket (it was boating safety week I guess) and she just floated around on her back kicking without me even holding on to her.  And Blake!  He did the entire lesson on his own.  For this session we chose to have him in the “Pike plus parent” class where we slowly ease out of the water and this week he was completely on his own!  It was EXCELLENT since I was able to shower and get ready while he swam.  We had lunch with Brian’s parents and then helped them set up their new computer and enjoyed our leftovers for dinner.  We also decorated the Christmas tree and I started loading our freezer with cookie dough so I can test cookies now and bake more closer to the holidays.  One tip – not really the best idea to start up with Weight Watchers again and then make these cookies – they are so good!!!

Also – thankfully the layoffs at work have not had an impact on our family.  There were changes within my group at work and it looks like within the next few months my job will be changing a bit but it may actually be a change for the better (going back to a role that I have a bit more knowledge and experience in – thrilling things like CAPA and Investigations – so I am not too disappointed).  A huge relief and a much better start to the holiday season than the alternative.


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