We’re heading to Wisconsin tomorrow and then onward to the Upper Peninsula on Thursday for a weekend of eating.  I have to say that Thanksgiving food is probably my favorite – I still remember the year I was sick with some sort of stomach flu and couldn’t eat anything.  Worst holiday ever!  I am also working from home tomorrow so I can work on straightening the house and finishing the last of the mountainous pile of laundry (I swear it never stops!) and pack things all while reading and working on spreadsheets.  Yay for multi-tasking!

Also – can you believe last year this little girl:


Was this same little girl:

Hannah2She still only has one tooth (slowly making its way upward) but we *think* another is one its way as well.  And gosh-darn-it if she hasn’t been waking up at 4:45 (+/- 5 minutes) for the last 2 weeks or so.  Seriously – it’s like she’s got an alarm clock going off it’s that close to 4:45 EVERY DAY.  I try and leave her in her crib as long as possible but in the hope of letting Blake sleep I go and get her when the crying gets too loud.  Lately she just says in a very pathetic voice, “Mommy….  Mommy…” and then when I go in and get her she’s as sunny as can be, all smiles, and says, “Hi!”.  What a stinker.

(We’re not even going to discuss how Blake is going to be 4 in less than a month.  Not going to do it.)

Other than eating my weekend plans involve taking a holiday picture of the kids that doesn’t look like this:


All the while I am trying to move forward with things without having a long-term plan.  We still haven’t heard anything at work about what will be happening but now the rumor mill is really spinning and it looks like next time this week we’ll have our answers.  I’m continuing to cross my fingers that it will all work out for the best – and I know deep down that regardless of what does happen we will be okay.  These two do a bang-up job on resumes:


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