We had a good run

18+ months…  And now Hannah has two new words.  “Mine” (or to be more accurate “my”) and the dreaded “No”.  It is being heard an awful lot around our house lately – mostly from Hannah’s mouth!  Funny story – this weekend while shopping my aunt and cousin (Hi Aunt Carol and Aly) told the story of how when Aly was little she would always sing the song “Mommy, Daddy, Mandy, No No” and they thought it was so cute until they realized she sang that because she thought her name was No No!!!  Hannah’s been on a sassy streak but I’m hoping she doesn’t think that (she does seem to know her name and says “Anna” when you ask her what her name is so I think we’re safe).  It is nice that we no longer have to determine if “uh uh” means “no” or “yes” but man, that little girl is little miss do-it-myself now.  We always knew she had an independent streak along with her personality but wow!

So the shopping trip…  This weekend I went on a girls’ shopping trip with my family and Hannah came with me.  She was really well behaved (and even snagged an hour nap in her stroller while we shopped).  I think this was the longest time I have been with just Hannah since she’s been born – obviously she was home with just me during maternity leave but most of that time was spent with her sleeping or me trying to get her to sleep! – lately the only time I have with her one-on-one is when I read books before bed or when we run out to do errands and Brian and Blake stay home (or are running to different stores).  It was actually really nice just to have time with her – she’s a pretty great kid if I do say so myself 🙂

I think  Hannah had a good time this weekend, too – she had lots of readers at her disposal (I am so happy that this seems to be what she has inherited from me – love of BOOOOOKS!!!  Hooray!  Speaking of books – I am currently reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and while incredibly vulgar it is really, like laugh-out-loud, funny!):


She did miss her brother though (yes, that IS Star Wars they’re watching – we’re all about age-appropriate television in our house!):


And finally…  Blake wanted to spell his name:   bbblllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeee  (don’t ask me why the “a” is only there once – he was quite excited and then said, “Mom, I put a lot of k’s in there”).


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