We’ve been busy (as usual)

Over the weekend I had a quick trip to North Carolina for a baby shower – and by quick I mean I left on Saturday morning and was home on Sunday night.  It was an especially important baby shower – my friend Taunya is having triplets!!!  (Hi Taunya!)  It was so good to see her.  We used to work together (she was technically my boss at my last job) and the last time we were together was the day of Hannah’s baptism – so wow, about 15 months ago!  Sarah and I had our share of fun as well.

IMG_1264Taunya’s family knew Sarah and I would be at the shower but they kept it  a secret from her – she was SO surprised!  And I’m sure a little bit overwhelmed since there were around 130 (!!!) people at the shower.

IMG_1267 For whatever reason the Hampton Inn & Suites in Raleigh – Durham has a mannequin in a phone booth outside of the front lobby.  So OF COURSE we had to take pictures with him!  There may have been some cocktail consumption before this picture…  And there may be more where this came from…

IMG_1273On Sunday we spent the day (crashing) at the gift opening and had some good Southern food.  Delish!

Work has been slightly crazy – a bit on pins and needles regarding layoff potential but I am keeping my fingers (and toes and everything else) crossed that we come out of it okay.

This weekend I’m headed North to visit my parents and to have a girls shopping day.  I’m hoping to get most of the holiday shopping done but we’ll see…


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