They’re baaaaack


And I cannot resist them!!!  Soooo delicious (and obviously not on a reduced carb/natural foods diet… hmmmmmmm…).

I had completely forgotten to post it here but my 10K two weeks ago went pretty well.  Unfortunately we got to the starting line shortly after the race actually started (we left the house just in time but then had to stop for an emergency potty break for Blake) so I had to book it to make it ahead of the trailing biker.  I ended up passing 31 (!!!) people and came in 35th out of 66.  My time was 56:41 but the course had me closer to 59 (which makes sense considering we got there late and they didn’t have any sort of chip timing).  I’m pretty happy overall.  I will say that I got 3rd in my age group and I actually get a medal but I sort of agree with Brian in that it doesn’t have as much “shine” to it when you realize I got 3rd out of 5…  But still!  Strong run for me so yay!


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