It’s a wonder we’re not all in a sugar coma

The kids had a Halloween party at daycare on Friday, we had another Halloween Party/1st Birthday party on Saturday, and then we had Trick-or-Treat on Sunday.  Hannah was forced to be a bumble bee – and I say forced because she hated the idea of wearing a costume at all.  Blake was Buzz Lightyear on Friday and Sunday and Woody on Saturday.  I was really lucky in that I bought all of the costumes on clearance last year and Blake was actually into Toy Story this year.  So yay sale shopping and yay me!

When I asked Blake if he had fun Trick-or-Treating he said no.  Why was that?  Because he didn’t fill up his bucket (it was mere centimeters from the top and it isn’t like I’m going to allow him to eat it all so I really don’t know what he’s complaining about).  He also told me today that I’m missing out on something because I’m not looking out my window.  I swear he’s already smarter than me and I’m definitely in trouble when he’s a teenager.

On Friday Hannah had her 18-month check up and we continue on the path of small children.  She was in the 3rd percentile (and under) for weight, the 25th for height and (hooray Olsen head!) 50th for head size.  Considering Blake might weigh all of 30 pounds soaking wet I’m preparing myself to continue on this path for a while.  We’ve been seeing the same doctor for both kids now since Blake was a baby so he’s also not too concerned about her size since she’s been hitting all of the other milestones.  Speaking of – her lone tooth seems to be taking it’s sweet old time to come in and so far it doesn’t have any visible company.  The pediatrician said it might be good to talk to the pediatric dentist when we take Blake for his next checkup to see if there’s anything they’d like to do (most likely not an x-ray at this point since she does have a tooth coming in).  Who knows!

I’ve been continuing on my workout spree and am trying to decide if I want to sign up for any winter/early spring races…  There are usually a few 5K’s around New Year’s that I’m tossing around so we’ll see.  And my cousin’s husband has mentioned running the Houston 1/2 Marathon this coming January but I’m not sure about that – running 12+ miles outside for training runs in Illinois in the winter?  Eh…  However, I’ve already talked to friends from last year who are tentatively confirmed for doing the Madison 1/2 Marathon again at the end of May so this spring I’ll be training again.  I also have a friend from my old job who is thinking about running a relay from Madison to Chicago (204 miles) this June and he’s looking for people to join the team of 12.  It sounds totally crazy but I am actually considering it!  I know plenty of people think that sounds like torture but to me it sounds like fun!!!

I also cannot believe how quickly this year is going – how in the heck is it already November 2?!?  We’ve got so much planned for the weekends from now through the holidays that before I know it Blake will be turning 4 (!!!!) and we’ll be ringing in 2011.


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