Because I’ve got quite the backlog

We’ve been pretty busy lately causing a backlog of information and photos.

My dad made it out of surgery with a quadruple bypass and is now at home recovering.  I think the biggest for him will be the change to a healthier lifestyle but thankfully my mom is really active and eats a healthy diet so she should be able to point him in the right direction.  Fingers continue to be crossed that he continues to do better each day.

We spent the long weekend in Wisconsin and paid a visit to the ice cream parlor (which was prepping for “Sputnikfest” which was just this weekend) and the kids enjoyed their ice cream – despite the look on Blake’s face.  It’s so nice to go for ice cream up there – for a sundae, two kiddie cones and a single scoop it was around $5!!!  That’s about how much it is for the sundae near our house!  And it’s GOOOOOOOOD stuff.  So it’s defintely a good thing we don’t have one just blocks away like my parents do.

Yum – Ice Cream!
Space Cow

We also paid the annual visit to the kite festival on the lake.  The weather wasn’t as cooperative as it has been in years past but the kids thought it was pretty neat.

Kites on the Lake

Brian and I spent Tuesday working at Habitat for Humanity.  It was a ton of work but it was really pretty neat.  But I certainly won’t be working construction full time anytime soon.  No thanks.  We helped put up the rafters and near the very end of the day Brian even started helping to put up the plywood for the roof.  Which?  I’m glad I was not a part of because it was WINDY!  I’ll definitely volunteer again next year and cross my fingers for more sunny weather.  I also start up with Junior Achievement in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to that as well.  I’m paired up with the same teacher and I’m expecting she’ll have another great class this year.

Onto more recent events.  This weekend Hannah did some painting:

Hannah Pollock

And we all went apple picking.  Last year we made it to this orchard at the very end of the season and missed pretty much everything.  We got the last of the pumpkins and no apples.  Thankfully I put my name on the mailing list and we got a postcard this year that said they’d be picking Macintosh, Honeycrisp and Gala this weekend.  Score!  It was a really  nice morning and we came home with a giant bag of apples.  Now I’m just trying to find ways to use them all up!

Blake finds a good one (and yes, that is a Packers shirt he's wearing - his choice!!! Score one for the good guys!!!)

Hannah with her apple (which is probably mushy and rotten - that's how she rolls. We'll work on this before we head out next year.)

We also started up with soccer again this weekend.  I got smart this time and signed up for the 12:00 session in hopes that the running would lead to a longer nap (today it did not) but it worked out better in that we didn’t have to try and force Blake down for a nap early and then wake him up shortly after he fell asleep.  And Brian was happy because he got to stay home with Hannah while she napped – and watch the Bears game.

Clearly he is focused on the game

While the picture may not show it I count today’s class as a success since there was no crying!  Win!  And I have to be the “braggy” mom and say that Blake is actually a very good listener and he retained a decent amount of the skills (if that’s even what you call it at 3 1/2 years old) he was taught in the previous session.  We’ll see how it goes next week!  Might I also add that I was a bit puzzled by the number of parents in soccer gear themselves?  What is with that?!?

Now that we’re into September I can say that my yearly resolutions were horrible.  I’m really not in any more photos than I was in last year, I have gained back some of the weight I have lost, and I am certainly not posting on a regular basis.  But I can pick it up at the tail end so that is what I’m trying to do.  I am committed to working out every day this month through the Shredheads and I’ve stuck to it.  Admittedly I “skipped” the day we worked at Habitat but I figure setting up scaffolding, hauling wood and hammering things all day is a decent enough workout that I wasn’t too much of a slacker.  I’ve also signed up for a 10K in October and I’m working on speed this time around (and after Friday’s interval workout my hamstrings are still telling me that!).  This week should be an interesting one – I’m in training Monday thru Thursday and running a training session with Singapore tomorrow night.  I’m going to try and squeeze a run in between the end of my training and the start of the evening training but we’ll see.  Here’s to another week!


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