Because this? I could get used to

Hooray for good weather!

The past few days the weather has been WONDERFUL!  Or as Brian says, “If we moved to San Diego it would be like this ALL of the time.”  We’ve been able to turn off the AC and open the windows (and even though my allergies are kicking in like nobody’s business I LOVE the fresh air).  It isn’t quite so painful to be outside before dinner with the kids – and it seems like maybe the mosquitoes are more scarce (maybe?) so Hannah doesn’t end up with welts all over her face from where she’s been bitten.

No big plans this weekend.  Blake has another birthday party and my parents may come to visit the kids.  My dad is having bypass surgery on Tuesday morning (fingers continue to be crossed) so I am now on full alert that I have 50% horrible genes when it comes to healthy arteries.  My paternal grandmother had high cholesterol despite her extremely healthy diet and eventually had a pacemaker, two of my dad’s brothers have had bypass surgery and the other has had a stent put in (and my dad has already had one stent).  So…  Yeah.  Continuing with my exercising.  Which?  Seems to be going pretty good.  I found a yoga studio that isn’t too far away and so far I have really enjoyed my classes there.  I do wish some of the classes had later start times because in reality there are one, maybe two, classes that work with dinner and bedtime routines.  BUT I am so happy to be back at my yoga practice on a regular basis.  I had been doing videos at home but for whatever reason it really is different to be in a studio.  I end up challenging myself more (and have to say that I was *almost*  into the full pigeon pose and was  surprised that it was my shoulders that wouldn’t let me there).

And so as to not jinx it I’m not going to say anything about how I no longer have to get up during the night with Hannah or have to rock her to sleep or stay in the room with her until she’s asleep.  Nope. My lips are sealed.  Now if only she would start sleeping past 5:30…


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