Because my fingers are CROSSED

The past two Fridays one of the kids has thrown up.  I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow there is no vomit.

After a hellish night on Monday (more than 3 HOURS of crying and screaming) I think things are back on track in the sleep department for Hannah.  But I am crossing my fingers that we continue on this path…

And finally – a cute interlude:

Pretty Tails

Pretty Tails

The girls at daycare put pigtails in Hannah’s hair the other day – CUTE!!!  Some days they last the day, others not so much.  But even cuter than the pigtails themselves (as if there could be such a thing)?  Is that Blake calls them “Pretty Tails”.  And now that Hannah has “learned to use a spoon” (and I use that phrase very loosely) this is often how she looks after mealtime.  It’s rare that she will keep the bib on t he entire meal and HOW DARE WE try and feed her the food.  The story of our lives lately – I’LL DO IT MYSELF!!!  Once again I’ll comment that she is lucky that she’s cute.  The temper, my goodness!  I have glimpsed the future and I will have a heart attack when she is a teenager.

The Boys


The daycare picnic was last week.  This is Blake and his buddy Wyatt.  Can you tell that Blake adores Wyatt?!?  Maybe just a little…

This weekend I’m headed to Madison to visit with some friends and Brian has the kids for most of the day Saturday and Sunday morning.  I’m crossing my fingers they are good for him!


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