Because we’re sort of lame

On Friday I drove the kids to Milwaukee to meet my parents who would be watching them until Sunday afternoon.  Relatively uneventful trip but then Hannah puked ALL OVER when we were making the switch from one car to the other.  So that was fun.

Friday night we went to see “The Other Guys” and it was REALLY funny – stupid funny but a very good laugh (because I’m nice I didn’t make Brian go to see Eclipse – I figure I can definitely wait to see that one on DVD at home).  Because my body has been trained to get up all the darn time with Hannah I still woke up twice during the night – and we were both awake for the day before 8AM on Saturday!  LAME!

But – we did have time to run some errands, clean the house, do laundry, put up some shelving in the garage, do yardwork, and I even went to a free yoga class at a nearby studio.  Really the only way this was different than any other weekend is that we didn’t have to work around a nap schedule.  And I didn’t have any guilt about being gone for 2 hours during the middle of the day for yoga.

We had just enough time to finish up stuff around the house and then we drove downtown to have dinner at “Feast” in Bucktown.  Luck was on our side and we made it to the restaurant in time for our reservation (which, I’ll admit was early so that may have played a part – but it was Lollapalooza weekend!).  Our food came ridiculously quick so we were on our way to “Hot Chocolate” for dessert less than an hour after!  And our dessert was SOOO good.  We’re already talking about going back with some friends for a full meal.  After all of that we went to a poker tournament hosted by some friends.  We waited around a bit and then played a side game – which after all was said and done we won a WHOLE DOLLAR!

Sunday morning we met Brian’s family (all of them – everyone was in town from Texas, too!) for brunch at M. Henry and that was really good, too.

We had to somewhat rush back to our place to meet my family.  And then almost everyone came to watch Blake play soccer (seriously – my parents and sister, Brian’s parents, one brother, sister-in-law and our two nieces).  He had quite the cheering section.  And thankfully was in the mood to play soccer.

This week has been uneventful so far.  Same old same old.  We’re working on “sleep training” with Hannah after it finally became too much (over an hour of getting up every 5 minutes).  I’m crossing my fingers that it will work…  And tonight seems to have gone better than last night so I’m optimistic!

I have obviously been bad with the pictures lately but I will try and make up for it soon.  We are thinking about heading to a nearby beach this weekend if this crazy hot weather continues.


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