Because sometimes you can only laugh

The other night after we finished our two books I told Blake if he was really lucky maybe Daddy would tell him a story (Brian tells him superhero stories at night).  His response – “With his mouth?”  When Brian and I laughed and said “Yes” he said, “I’m funny today”.

You can’t help but laugh at that.

That same night Hannah woke up around 10PM and SCREAMED and CRIED for 10 minutes.  Non-stop.  With Brian in the room and trying to rock and/or hold her.  When she hit the 10 minute mark she stopped cold, threw and arm over his shoulder and fell asleep.

It’s so ridiculously frustrating you can’t help but laugh at that.

I am sick again.  And sick of being sick.  If I hadn’t spent the last few years so healthy (because I’m choosing to forget the AWFUL “morning” sickness I had with Hannah) it wouldn’t be so strange.  When I felt my nose starting to drip and only getting worse I pitifully said to Brian, “Why can’t I be healthy”.  The tone of my voice had us BOTH cracking up.

I am SO thankful I only have a 1/2 day of work (but man, the 36 hours of work that are behind me this week?  were rough).

Here’s to tomorrow’s nap and the weekend!

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