Because we’ve been busy in July

Splashing at the lake house

Relaxing in the water

Hannah’s new found passion – CLIMBING EVERYTHING!!! (She actually made it to the top of this chair – and I lost 3 years of my life)

The sun comes out!

Picking wild blueberries in the U.P.

Bay de Noc is actually pretty warm in July!

Blake and Brian getting ready for Toy Story 3 (Blake’s first movie in the theater)

Busy throwing rocks into the lake

One of many beautiful sunsets over the lake (I did NO editing on this picture)

Racing down the field at soccer

Learning how to trap the ball


One thought on “Because we’ve been busy in July

  1. Great pictures, Erin! Were you as annoyed as me with the crazy amount of previews for Toy Story 3?!? A tub of popcorn large enough to retain Henry’s interest during the Night and Day cartoon does not exist 🙂

    Hope we get to see you sometime in August!

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