Because it was a packed schedule

And I took very few pictures…

On Thursday Hannah had to leave daycare to go to the doctor.  Poor little thing had a fever and was diagnosed with viral croup.  Which thankfully  has medication to help it.  Oh wait.  Scratch that.  It’s something that you can do NOTHING for and you  just have to wait it out.  So that has been fun.  Thursday my parents also came down to spend Father’s Day weekend with us and so they were able to watch both kids while Brian and I were at work for our 1/2 day on Friday.  Can I again proclaim how excellent the summer hours are at work?  Sure, working 9 hours a day the rest of the week gets old by, oh, Monday, but leaving work at 11:30 on Friday?  The best thing ever!  (And this week?  We both have “coverage” on Friday so we’re working a regular week…  Booooo.)

Friday night Brian and I went out to dinner at Sprout.  It was AMAZING!  I had the best meal from start to finish that I have ever eaten in my life.  Heck, my dessert had fennel in it and I don’t even like things that are licorice flavored.  So there was that!  And AND I got to shake hands with Dale.  Yes, I am a dork.  But honestly, I don’t even care!  Sooooooo good.

Saturday morning we made our way to the Botanical Gardens to have the kids’ picture taken using the certificate we won a while back at the silent auction.  Hannah was a little trooper and even thought she was super serious for the entire shoot they pictures turned out SO good.  As always Blake was little mister photogenic.  He certainly doesn’t get it from me (seriously, the family shots are not something I will be ordering).  I HIGHLY recommend Robyn (and I think we’re actually going to be seeing her again shortly for Brian’s whole family portrait in a week and a half).

Sunday we had both my family and Brian’s over to grill out and celebrate  Father’s day.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to spend a lot of the day on the deck.  Also.  I made these brownies and they were SO good that I have nicknamed them “Death Brownies” because I know I could sit down and eat an entire pan by myself.  In one sitting.  Completely WW friendly.  Okay.  Completely NOT WW friendly.  But it was a special occasion and there were no leftovers once everyone went home so I was safe!

I have continued to alternate the 30 Day Shred with much success – a few days off here and there and a return to the gym the other night and I’m back on the workout wagon.  Although I seem to have caught the adult version of croup so I did end up going home sick today.  I figured the other folks in the office would appreciate that since I was hacking up a lung every 5 minutes or so.  I took a ridiculously long nap when I got home (5 hours!!!) and I could probably have curled up and gone right back to sleep but I finished “The Girl Who Played with Fire“.  I had tried to listen to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on CD when I was commuting to Niles for work and just couldn’t get into it.  But I am so glad I gave the book a chance and now I can’t wait to finish the series!  (Although I will say I could do without such graphic descriptions of the violence against women…)  I now have the Swedish version of the first book movie on Netflix and I’m waiting to see who they will cast as Lisbeth in the American version of the movie (but really, Scarlett Johanssen?  I don’t see it…  Maybe… But just not the first to jump to my  mind).

I think the Nyquil is taking effect so it’s off to bed for me!


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