Because NOW I remember

To change things up I decided to start back with the 30 Day Shred again.


It’s all coming back to me now as I can barely walk up or down the steps in our house and I look like somebody clubbed me in the leg when I am walking around the cubes at work.  Awesome.

But you know what?  I know that it works and it’s a good change from the near constant running I was doing.  Now that I’m not really training for anything (well… probably a 5K for fun in August) I thought it’d be a good idea to have a more varied workout.  And now that it’s the third day I want to cry!  In a good way (maybe?)!

I also started back with Weight Watchers.  The last few months while I was training I found it really difficult to continue tracking because I was hungry ALL THE TIME and I figured since I was running 20+ish miles each week I could handle slips here and there.  And then I started to justify having dessert at lunch AND dinner.  And the snacking got out of control.  I only now realize just how much I had been eating during the day and it sort of amazes me that I didn’t put on even more of the weight I had lost.  So I’m back on track and trying to make better choices.  My true downfall is the time between getting home from work and making dinner because I am just so HUNGRY.  Today I decided to snack but on something healthy so I broke out some fruit and we are now also stocked with snackable veggies and I’m hoping that will make the difference.  I do remember the first week or so being difficult but I guess it’s just hitting me now.  But again – it works!

This weekend we have NO PLANS and I’m really looking forward to that.  I’m hoping the weather forecast improves a bit and the rain holds off until the work week starts up because it’d be great to take the kids to the park and just let them run off the steam.  But really with the soreness I’m feeling right now I’m just REALLY looking forward to my 1/2 day on Friday so I can nap.


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