Because I still need a vacation

Being on vacation last week with the kids wasn’t at ALL the same as being on vacation pre-kids.  And by that I mean – it wasn’t restful.  At all.  But it was still fun!


Cooling off at the pool post-race

After the race on Sunday we went to Brian’s brother’s house to swim in the pool.  It was still SO HOT that day and the kids really enjoyed it.


Why vacation was not restful

Hannah likes to climb.  On EVERYTHING.

Day 1 we left RIDICULOUSLY early (not to self: do not book at 7:30 flight EVER AGAIN) and went to Brian’s brother’s house for lunch after arrival.



Enjoying the cousins’ trampoline.

At the pool

At the pool

Guess what?  Houston is HOT in June.  Surprise!  So after getting settled in at our condo we went down to check out the pool.  Please note: I am in LOVE with Blake’s new aviators.


Where we stayed

I think I could handle this for more than a week.  Just sayin’.


Water Babies

Day 2 we went on a tour of NASA – Houston.  By far the most impressive part of the tour (which is not to say the space station replicas aren’t pretty awesome as well) was “Rocket Park”.


Rocket Park



Blast Off

Ready for Blast Off


Ready to go!

Blake enjoyed the tour (Hannah really could have cared less – she just wanted to be able to run around no matter where we were) but I think if we go back again in another 2 years he will enjoy it that much more.


Enjoying the beach

We got really lucky with the weather and while it was raining in Houston by the time we got back to Galveston (after Lydia’s kindergarten graduation) the weather was PERFECT for enjoying the beach.

Hannah at the beach

Hannah at the beach

Hannah really wasn’t sure what to think of the beach.  At first she was all for it.  And then we took off her sandals.  I don’t know if it’s the texture of the sand or the tide…  But she was not a fan.

Blake however?  Loved it.

Blake at the Beach

Blake at the Beach

Day 3 we went in to Houston to explore Rice Village before going to an Astros game.  To kill some time we also went to the park.

Teeter Totter


Ball game

Take me out to the ball game

Day 4 we went to Kemah to check out the boardwalk and the spray park.  Again we got lucky with a playground.


I have NO idea where Hannah gets her climbing skill from....


Enjoying the spray park

Hannah would have none of the spray park.  Again – something I thought she would love ended up with her in tears.  My children.  Always leaving me guessing!

Day 5 we attempted another trip to the beach.  This time it was a bit more successful.

Beach, take 2

Beach, take 2


It must help to have her big brother nearby

(What’s with Blake’s pose?!?)

And finally we returned to Illinois for a birthday party with Brian’s family.  A little over a year ago we took a similar picture with the parents and kids – this time around there were twice as many kids!


Cousins plus 8

That’s Brian, his brother and two of their cousins – all with their kids (ages ranging from 4 1/2 years to 3 weeks).  They figured this was the “second generation” of great-grandchildren for Brian’s grandmother – bringing her total to 20!!!  All I have to say is that they are all such cuties!!!

So yes…  I’m still recovering from the whirlwind of it all.  I ran the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, had Monday to “recover” (meaning getting the house organized and everyone packed) and then we left on Tuesday morning to and got back to our house around 7:30 on Sunday night.  I am SO thankful for “summer hours” this week.  Friday afternoon will be nap time for me!!!


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