Because that’s progress

A year ago Hannah was a teeny little baby (sigh) and I was on maternity leave.  I would take her for walks around the neighborhood in the Baby Bjorn and at first it felt like my insides were going to fall right out when I walked.  If you’ve given birth you know what I’m talking about!  On Saturday  I ran 8 miles – with an average pace less than 10 minutes per mile.  That’s progress!

Hannah still wakes up at night (and really, Blake does occasionally, too).  But!  She no longer requires a bottle that isn’t just water!  That’s progress!

Blake is back in his own room and we’re thinking of completely retiring the crib/toddler bed.  Originally he enjoyed staying in the same room as Hannah but she had a few nights with lots of wake ups and he complained that “Hannah is always crying and waking me up” so he’s now in his own room, in a big kid bed, and putting new Spiderman stickers on the walls.  For us, that’s progress!

And now, some pictures from Mother’s Day weekend (and before):

Mother's Day 2010

I love how both Blake and Hannah look suspicious of us and as if they’re plotting an escape from the photo.

Blake took Hannah on a wagon ride:

She's not heavy... she's my sister!

(Is it weird that I know many lyrics to this actual song?)

Hannah's actually sitting down!

Lovely combo - Firetruck t-shirt and heels!

And I just LOVE how you can *still* see the bruise from the other week when he had a collision with the play structure.   Also 0f note – the new garbage can that has a lock.  Hannah really enjoyed clearing off the alphabet letters and throwing them away.  And I really disliked fishing them out of the trash.

And finally – the little princess is very dainty when she eats:

I don't even know what all of that is!

Hope you and yours had an enjoyable Mother’s Day!


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