Because parties are fun!

I came down with a cold on Friday.  Just in time for the birthday party!  Because that is how my life works.

But I think it was a success anyway:

Birthday Princess

Dead set on having some sort of bruise or cut on her face for her party, Hannah took a header on Saturday morning.  Princess crown and near-shiner?  That’s my girl!

Cleaning up

This is what Blake picked out for Hannah’s birthday gift (at his age I think he really picked it for himself but I think this was better than anything Spiderman).  My only complaint is that it plays the STRANGEST songs when in the musical option.

Party time!

Blake was not to be outdone and on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday – I can’t remember) took a header into a play structure at day care and has a HORRIBLE bruise on his cheek.  And another on his forehead.  Best. Parents. Ever.

The best frosting I've ever had!

Seriously – that is the title of the frosting recipe and it is SO GOOD I had to throw any extra away because I was afraid I would just stand in the kitchen and eat it with a spoon.

Not so sure about this birthday stuff...

Okay, so many everything wasn’t a success.  For whatever reason Hannah LOST IT when we sang “Happy Birthday” and gave her the smash cake during the party.  We tried again on  Sunday night and she seemed to enjoy it a bit more:

Cake, Take Two

I am still hacking up a lung but hoping I’ll recover soon so as to not derail my training (I wasn’t about to run 8 miles yesterday, no sir).  This is the point when it gets “fun” so I’m trying to find some new music and some more podcasts to keep me occupied during these long runs.

COMPLETELY unrelated to anything whatsoever…  But if you don’t watch the show Breaking Bad – YOU SHOULD.  There are no words to describe.


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