Because it was a whirlwind

We had our last swimming lesson on Saturday:

Happy to be done!

Hannah looked about this thrilled throughout the lesson.  It’s probably a good thing we won’t be going back until the fall.  And also?  How is it possible that my almost-1-year-old who has never seen the sun without sunblock has more of a tan than I do?!?

Right after lessons we drove up to visit my mom and dad and also see baby Elyse:

So cute!

She was ADORABLE!  And almost made me rethink the ‘no more kids for us’ stance but then I heard a story of a diaper blowout…  This picture doesn’t do it justice but Elyse has more hair than Blake and Hannah combined.  And it is HIGHLIGHTED!  Beautiful!

After the kids fell asleep on Saturday night we had a mini-date and went to get drinks and an appetizer before going to the movie “Date Night”.  It was actually pretty funny!  And because we’re old we went back home instead of going out for more drinks and we were asleep by 11:00.  What can I say – we’re wild and crazy!

Sunday I got to go back to bed for a few hours (thanks mom!) and then I went out and ran 7  miles along Lake Michigan.  The first half was into the wind.  Directly into the wind.  Next weekend I have a short run (8K, so about 5 miles) and I’m looking forward to that.  It’s how I know I’m in deep with the training – I am looking forward to a 5 mile run!  Craziness all around!

Brian and Blake were able to enjoy the outdoors, too:

Let's go fly a kite!

(Can you believe the view out of my parent’s front windows?!?)

OF COURSE it's a Spiderman kite!

And finally – Hannah did an impression of a crazy lady before we got in the car to head home (she had blackberries all over her outfit so is kickin’ it in just a onesie and at some point lost a shoe but was SO proud to be walking around with that bracelet):


This week looks like it will be a busy one.  On Friday I’m headed up to Madison for a child free night!!!  And then the race on Saturday morning.  Crossing my fingers for good weather because I REALLY don’t want to run in the rain…


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