Because that’s about right

I’m  home sick.  Again.  With the stomach flu.  Again.  Fortunately this time around it seems to be a quicker moving variety so I’ll only be down for the count for one day instead of 2-3.  I think.

But!  I cannot let that negate the fun we had this weekend.  Saturday we had swimming lessons (during which both children were letting me know they were pretty much over the whole swimming lessons idea so it’s a good thing we’re not signed up for the next session).  Around lunch time we had friends over for a massive golf-watching, girl-talking, multi-child play date.

This was the result:

2-almost 4 year olds, 1-3.5 year old, 1-1.5 year old, and 3 under 1

When I walked downstairs after everyone left I walked back upstairs and decided to tackle the other clean-up first.  And when the kids were asleep Brian and I were able to clean everything up pretty quickly.  So while it looks like a tornado it really wasn’t all that bad.  I think the kids had a great time so that’s really all that matters.

Celebrating Sara's birthday (with a cake made by Sarah!)

Sara has her hands free and Erica gets a baby fix with Zack

On Sunday I completed my long run for the week (6 miles) after we went to church.  I tried a new trick and listened to a podcast and I think the time did actually pass more quickly.  Then we ran Target and the grocery store, had lunch at Noodles (yum-o!), check out bedroom furniture at Ashley (meh…) and the Restoration Hardware outlet (beautiful!!! But man, I cannot for the life of me justify spending that amount of money – $1800, for a dresser).  It was a GORGEOUS day weather-wise so we walked around the outlet mall and Blake about had a heart attack when we went into the Gap Kids and he saw superhero t-shirts.  I think we’re almost at the point that he can wear one every day of the week.  Whatever works, buddy.  You’re probably thinking, as was I, that the week was off to a great start!  And it was – until about 9:00 last night.  It was all downhill from there!

I think because Hannah is moving from crawling to walking we’ve been so caught up with keeping an eye on her that I forgot to post any pictures from that weekend!  So… now for some belated Easter pics:


Checking on the eggs

Yes, there ARE 4 different containers of candy on the table (and 1 in the background)

She loves blackberries!!!

I think that's a chocolate milk mustache

And finally – in preparation for our trip to Houston at the beginning of June we got a sun hat for Hannah.  I think she might actually like it!

So proud of herself for walking!

Here’s hoping this is the last bout of stomach flu around these parts for the rest of the year!


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