Because soon she’ll be running!

I can’t believe I forgot this in my last post (doh!) but this weekend Hannah took about a step and a half.  Maybe two steps.  And at daycare they said she took 6 steps (which I will believe when I see – until then, she is not walking, so there – no milestone or walking category for this post… yet).  I’m already bracing myself for the running and the path of destruction our little girl will leave in her wake.

And also – she is 11 months old today.  How the time flies!

My baby!!!

Almost a toddler!

Thankfully she will still cuddle with me in the same way she did when she was first born (and had no choice).  Only now it’s even better because she’ll give a little pat or two while she’s giving you some love.  She may be a stinker – but she makes up for it!

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