Because the theme was “Baptism”

We had two baptisms to attend this weekend – one downtown on Saturday and one in the ‘burbs today.  I think the kids had a blast and were completely worn out by the festivities (though sadly Hannah still did not sleep through the night – but I’m keeping the dream alive!).

Siblings don't shake hands - Siblings gotta hug!

The view from Luxbar

Enjoying some berries

Notice the sleeping baby (Sebastian – Saturday’s baptism, relatively fresh from a flight to the US from Hong Kong!!!) – he had the MOST wonderful chubby cheeks.  So adorable!  Oh for the days when a baby would sleep anywhere and everywhere!

Hanging out at church


Outside of shuttling to and from the baptisms and parties we didn’t do anything.  And while it was pretty busy it was also nice!  I’m haphazardly planning next weekend’s Easter dinner and slowly cleaning the house in preparation for hosting.  My dad is staying with us this week and will be helping out around the house and that will be HUGE!  I’m hoping we’ll be able to enjoy some time outdoors after work this week – it seems to make bedtime SO much easier for Blake when he is somewhat worn out before or after dinner.  The weathermen are calling for good weather so I’m trusting them!


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