Because that’s how I roll


I’m in first place!!!  And Brian is in 10th!!!

(Let’s ignore the fact that we both picked Kansas to win it all… And the fact that I am in dead last in the other pool we are in…  I will revel in the glory while it is mine!)

And also, I think I  must have ESPN or something (“Mean Girls” anyone?) because this is what happened on Saturday:

Of COURSE it had to go and snow

We still made it to the Easter egg hunt (which was held in a barn) and I *think* Blake got the idea of it.   He just wasn’t really very aggressive and was more concerned with shaking the hay off of the eggs he picked up than he was finding more eggs.

Finding eggs

Quite a haul!

Thankfully it warmed up today and Blake was able to spend a lot of time outside playing at Jack’s house (where he *may* have gotten run over by the John Deere truck…)

Blake and Jack

I’m just crossing my fingers that the weather just gets better and better.  Now that I’ve been doing most of my training runs outside it was BRUTAL to run indoors on the treadmill the other day and this morning.  BUT – I am actually really looking forward to the race.  I found out today that even more people are running or coming to cheer us on so I think it will end up being a pretty fun weekend!  Now I just need to stop eating my weight in Easter candy and sweets so I can actually haul my butt across the finish line…

(And what is my problem – not a single picture of Miss Hannah in the bunch!)

One thought on “Because that’s how I roll

  1. Ha! I would gloat, too. I usually do, in fact, but this is the first eyer EVER that ben is beating me. So sad. Such cute pictures– I am excited for our easter egg hunt this year because I think the kids (or harry at least) can actually find eggs!

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