Because this makes me happy

Spring, really???

Although I have a similar picture from almost exactly the same time last year.  And a few days later I took this picture:

Boooo... Hiss........

This weekend’s weather forecast doesn’t seem much better than last year’s.

Again with the boooo and the hiss

Lucky for us we have an outdoor Easter egg hunt tomorrow after swim lessons – mittens and snowpants FTW!

I know I’m a little late with the St. Patrick’s day pictures but… this is one of the funniest pictures I have taken recently:

A little too much St. Patrick's Day Fun

(I know the caption is just wrong but c’mon…  It was before we went to daycare for the day and they were NOT cooperating with my picture taking)

And also – these jeans that Hannah is wearing – TOO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And finally…  since it is now “March Madness” (and Brian had the day off to watch the tournament with a friend – lucky!) I am halfway paying attention again this year since I have two brackets filled out.  In an uncontrolled experiment I let CBS sports complete one bracket and I completed another – just to see if I could do better than the historical data (and/or chance).  So far my picks?  WAY better than the CBS auto populate (and other than picking based on who’s in the Big 10 and where I would rather live, I have no strategy or basis for the picks).  We’ll see how it ends up!


One thought on “Because this makes me happy

  1. Love the St. patty’s pic and the jeans! And yay for flowers. We have been anxiously scanning the yard for signs of tulips, but nothing so far…

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