Because it’s “Valen-times”

For Christmas we got Hannah quite a few pairs of Babylegs but she hasn’t had many dresses to wear them with.  Now she does.  And I can’t STAND the cute!

She's got legs!

You can’t see them as well in this picture but here are the kiddos on their way to daycare where they were having their Valentine’s party:

Happy Valentine's Day

And I’m including this one because I feel like I’m going to be getting this look a lot in my life (picture quality is not so good but it kills me that they have the same look  on their faces):

Mooooommmmmm.... stop taking pictures!

And now for the funny story of the day.  So this morning on the way to daycare we were talking to Blake about his Valentine’s party and who his Valentine would be (or as he said, “Valentime”).  He chose Ally (which is not a surprise because he has said a few times that he loves her which is cute) so Brian was telling him that he needed to ask her, “Ally, would you be my Valentine?”  A while later when we were closer to daycare I asked him who his Valentine was and he said, “Ally”.  So I then asked, “And what are you going to tell her?” thinking he’d say ‘Will you be my Valentine’.  His response?  “I love Spiderman.”  I have no words.

Happy “Valentimes” Day!

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