Because that’s just crazy!

So last night we had a snowstorm – which is not out of the ordinary for this part of the country and we were prepared and all that.  But this morning around 4AM there was an earthquake.  Yep.  There was an earthquake.  In Illinois.  What. the. hell.

I was awake (both Hannah and Blake were up just about that time which wasn’t actually as awful as it might sound) and I heard what I thought was something falling on the roof (or possibly the roof collapsing).  I was oh so concerned because I just went back to sleep.  But…  Brian turned on the TV this morning and yelled, “I knew it!” because he had felt it and heard it, too.



One thought on “Because that’s just crazy!

  1. That IS crazy! The last IL earthquake happened when I was in the hospital with Jack. He was 36-ish hours old, and I was up feeding him when it hit. I woke Ben up on his pull-out couch, and he was like, ‘That’s just the operating room downstairs.” Yeah. Cuz surgery is just like an earthquake.

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