Because it’s been a while

I finally have a chance to sit down and upload my pictures!  Most of my time lately has been spent cleaning up after “Tornado Hannah”:


Work has been really chaotic for both me and Brian this past week.  I was in all-day training Monday through Thursday and Brian had some interviews on Thursday and Friday.  Add in basketball for  Brian and kickboxing for me (during which I had to do 100 push-ups – what!?!) and that makes for a full week.  Last weekend we went to Madison to visit Aunt Brita and Jason (and Blake’s new friend, their cat Calvin).  Unfortunately I forgot to take a camera with so I don’t have any pictures to share of the next day when Blake, Hannah, Henry, Tommy and Zach got together – but they did have fun!  You’ll have to take my word for it.  This weekend my mom and dad were visiting – and once again I didn’t take a single picture.  Brian and I went out to dinner on Saturday night for Valentine’s Day (free babysitting means we had a ‘fancy date night’) and what that consisted of was both of us overeating.  But it was GOOD.

And we’ve been thinking about how this guy:

Blake - 11 months

And this girl:

Hannah - 9 months

Hannah - 9 months

Look so much alike sometimes it’s scary!

But now that guy…  He’s this guy:

Blake - 3 Years

If you can’t tell from the picture…  Things can get a little loud around our house.  And when I say “a little” I mean “dear lord make the screaming stop”.  Non-stop action around these parts!  I think I need a day of recovery!

Here’s to another fun-filled week!

(Can I just say that we have been *this close* to winning two quarters in our 10 x 10 Superbowl pool – and then each team had to score and screw it up?!?  Man…)


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