Because she’s a peanut!

In true ‘taking after her brother’ fashion at Hannah’s 9-month appointment on  Friday she measured in at 15lb 15oz (10th percentile) and 26.5″ (10-25th percentile) with a head in the 50-75th percentile.

Just look at that face:

She must be up to something!

Up to this, maybe?

Do you need help with the dishes?

(I only wish I could find the picture we have of Blake doing the EXACT SAME THING at my grandma and grandpa’s house one Christmas)

Just like this guy:

Blake the "Handy Manny"

And totally unrelated to anything above (well, I guess sort of since they are the reason for what I’m about to mention)…  I have come to the depressing realization that I spend more time each week at work than I do sleeping at night – and that is the 5-day work week and the 7-day week (roughly 35 hours of sleep a week to 40+ hours of work each week).  So it’s no wonder I searched the entire house for a receipt that was IN MY PURSE.  Or that I whacked myself in the face with my phone this morning when I picked it up to make a call.  Or that I just posted this up on the internet to let everyone know… Or really, why I’m even awake at 9:47PM when I should clearly be in bed trying to get some sleep!

Man… I need some sleep!


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