Because I’m not a member of the foreign press

Yeah… Avatar…  Um – it was pretty and the effects were neat?  But I was sort of sidetracked by the fact that the plot was just eh and the dialogue was funny at times due to cheese.  And yeah.  It was good to see but was it $30 good?  Probably  not.  And really – we saw it last Saturday at 11:50AM, got to the theater almost 30 minutes early and were sitting way to close to the screen (which I think sort of screwed with some of the 3D-ness (yes, totally a word) because it was in an IMAX theater).  So in my mind, Best Drama (or whatever the Golden Globes category is)… maybe not.

In other updates Blake has been doing really well with the potty training.  I think it’s because some of his friends have moved on to the next room and he knows that the only way he can move up too is to be in underwear full-time.  So yes, we’ve had our accidents but they’re just that so we move on and he seems to learn from it.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best but yes, I think we just had to bite the bullet and prepare for the laundry (or in some cases, the throwing of items in the garbage because there is NO WAY I’m cleaning that up).

Hannah’s sleep continues to be an issue and I’m counting down the minutes until her check up on Friday so I can give the doctor the third degree on some solutions for us.  I’m not really hopeful because I know he’s just going to say to wait it out or to have her cry it out.  I’m more in the waiting camp at this point, I guess.  Maybe it was easier with Blake because after 4 months he had decided he was done with nursing so he was getting bottles all the time (and I think if I’m remembering right he was transitioning to formula around 9 1/2 months or so) and he wasn’t really a comfort nurser and Hannah is (maybe?).  But as everything with sleep goes  that could be a total crapshoot and have nothing to do with why she’s waking.  I give up!

And with that… I’m off to bed.

One thought on “Because I’m not a member of the foreign press

  1. Ha– I have also thrown away some potty accidents that I would never want to touch to clean– yuck.

    I just don’t want to see Avatar (but I will b/c my husband wants to and he saw a girlie movie with me last time we went out)– I am afraid it will be at $30 nap for me.

    Sleep issues are SO frustrating because every kid is different, and it’s so hard to know what the magic trick will be. I hope you get lots of sleep soon!

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