Because she’s SOOO big!

Now we’ve moved on to working on waving ‘bye bye’.

And because I’m a slacker… here’s what I’ve got in terms of Holiday pictures (in no sensible order whatsoever because I’m lazy like that tonight):

I think this was Blake’s favorite present –  Birthday or Christmas:

That's Pat and Dusty, in case you're wondering

Just like last year we had Brian’s family over for a post-Christmas “Christmas” dinner.  This year we had turkey and stuffed shells and it was GOOOOOOOD.

Just like grown-ups!

Blake is getting ready to fix something at the cottage.  Please notice all of the choking hazards included within his tool set.  We are quite possibly the smartest parents EVER to get our 3-year old something so dangerous – and tempting – for our 8-month old to play with…

Handy Blake

Handy Blake

Not the greatest quality but it’s the only picture I have of the kids in front of a Christmas tree (and a pretty sad one at that…  The one on the back deck at the cottage was WAY better but I didn’t think it’d be as fun to take a picture of my popsicle children if I were to make them take it outside…)

Merry Christmas!

The first, and quite possibly only, time Hannah had on a baby headband:

The boys better watch out!

And finally… This is quite possibly the worst attempt at a gingerbread house in the history of time – after I took this picture it collapsed even more (if you can believe it).  I take full responsibility but also have to blame the directions – I set the timer for the ‘setting time’ and yet this is what happened when the kids started to decorate.  Who am I kidding though – nobody cared.  All they want to do is eat the candy anyway!

Gingerbread catastrophe

So from this holiday season I have learned that I need to divide the presents better and take more pictures of the festivities.  That usually isn’t a problem for me so I’m not sure if it was just so hectic that I forgot…  Oh well!

And now I am off to enjoy a few more hours of quite time before the night time shenanigans begin.

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