Because it’s the new year (how did that happen?)

I’m going to have a hard time writing 2010 – I can tell already.

Things have been quite hectic lately:

Monday I went to dinner in Chicago with a friend from D.C. (it was sooooo GOOD).

Tuesday we went to Benihana for Brian’s dad’s birthday.

Wednesday we went to dinner in Milwaukee before seeing Jim Gaffigan.  It was so much fun I would go see him again in a heartbeat.

Thursday was a day of rest (well, sort of.  I worked from home since daycare was closed).

Friday we had “Christmas” at our house with  Brian’s family.  We did at little bit of a modified menu and instead of the traditional sides for turkey we had stuffed shells – for whatever reason I feel like it was SO much easier this year (last year we had a more traditional menu and I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D).

And tonight we went to dinner with Brian’s brothers and their wives (I may have had a glass of wine… or two – and you all know what that means when you haven’t had more than one glass of wine at a time over the last 15 months…).

Before this week we spent last week Wednesday – Sunday traveling (Wednesday to Manitowoc, Thursday to the UP, Saturday to Manitowoc, Sunday to IL).  So yeah… it’s been hectic.  I first downloaded my holiday pictures TODAY.  This brings me to my resolutions for 2010…

  1. I will post at least once a week.  Really…  I will try.  As lame as it may sound, this may be the hardest of my resolutions.
  2. I will exercise at least four times a week.  Now that I’ve hit my goal weight (and am waffling around 1-2 pounds above and below for the last month) I  would like to maintain it.  I start my 1/2 Marathon training in March so this shouldn’t be too tough the first half of the year.  It’s the second half I’m worried about…
  3. I will appear in family photos instead of taking them all (I realized after looking through my Christmas pictures, I’m not really in many of them so I’d like to make sure I am part of our family event ‘documentation’).

And on that note I am going to go watch Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale off of Netflix because well…  I just can’t get enough.  Everyone needs a good laugh!

In the works – my 2009 year in review post.  I know you’re all on pins and needles!

(And wow, after two glasses of wine, my typing accuracy sure suffers.  I have had to do SO much more correcting!)


One thought on “Because it’s the new year (how did that happen?)

  1. Happy New Year! I am also trying to maintain a weight– am actually hovering 3 pounds above right now but cannot find the willpower to stop eating like a horse. I am interested in any tips you have to share 🙂

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