Because that’s more like it

Happy Holidays!

We took the kids to a studio yesterday afternoon for their holiday picture and, although Hannah really didn’t smile for any of the pictures and looks less than thrilled about being photographed (which is CRAZY because she’s such a happy baby and smiles all the time), we ended up with more than enough pictures for our holiday card.  But… because it took so dang long for me to get the card together it’s looking a bit iffy for cards to be delivered before Christmas.  Thankfully they say “Happy Holidays” so really, they’re Happy New Year cards, too!

While she didn’t smile for her pictures she couldn’t be prouder of herself:



I think she’s trying to kill me – the child is a daredevil who  makes a beeline for the nearest sharp object, elevated surface or electrical cord.  Where her brother was content to lay around and pretty much wait for us to bring him somewhere or bring things to him this child will not. stop. moving.  Case in point – she has finally figured out how to do the traditional hands and knees crawl:

Hold me!


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