Because it’s my birthday

And for whatever reason, turning 31 seems like I’m SO much older than it did when I turned 30.  Who would have thought this would be the ‘hard’ birthday?

I figure the least I could do was update with some of the pictures from Thanksgiving weekend.

Tonight Brian and I went to dinner at a new local-ish (about 20 min drive away so not that local) restaurant for dinner and Blake and Hannah had a babysitter – a non-family member babysitter – one of the daycare teachers from Blake’s room.  This was a first for Blake (and only second time for Hannah).  And now I’m seriously considering having the babysitter come over every night and put Blake to sleep because she said after reading 4 books it took about 10 min total.  What?!?  Brian and I have spent, on average, 30 min waiting for him to fall asleep each night (because if we don’t then boy, is there sobbing).  Who knows…  Maybe we’ve turned a corner!

In other news I am now on the “maintenance” phase of Weight Watchers.  Even with the holiday (during which I didn’t go too crazy, surprisingly) I managed to continue the weight loss and now I’m allowed a few more daily points.  At some point I’ll post a final before and after picture (which I don’t think will be that dramatic but obviously will show some change) but right now I think I’m going to do the opposite of healthy and lay on the couch and watch TV!

Bring it on, December!


One thought on “Because it’s my birthday

  1. Awesome pictures!! Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with maintenance– that’s always the hardest part for me, and I am interested in reading how it goes/hearing your tips for the holiday season.

    Happy Birthday! 31 was a tough one for me, but actually? 32 seems really, really, really old to me (and I hope to read this someday and laugh at my naivete)

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