Because I am AWESUM at blogging!

Or not…

My last day of work before starting my new job was Friday the 13th.  On Thursday the 12th Hannah came down with what was apparently (thank you for making me feel guiltier) very bad ear infections.  Poor little thing got her temperature up to 102!  So until about 4 days ago we weren’t getting much in the way of sleep around these parts.  Add in to that me being nervous because I started a new job on Monday (the 16th), a birthday party on Saturday (the 14th) and a baby shower on Sunday (the 15th) – in Madison, 2 hours away – and that sort of explains why things are a little lacking on the blog update front.

Heck, I still have House from MONDAY on the DVR to watch!  And I don’t even have to make that hellish commute anymore.  Seriously – it is WONDERFUL.  There are no words to describe how much more relaxed I am now that I don’t have to rush so much in the morning because I know that even if I leave the house at 7:30 I will get to work by 8:00 (when before I would have been walking in somewhere closer to 9:00).  All that means I can be home, workout complete, by 5:30 most nights!  This week was relatively hectic because I also had to work on baby shower and birthday party invitations so after putting the kids to bed I walked around the crafts and scrapbook store unable to make a decision.  Seriously – I have to make returns to 3 stores because I changed my mind later.  But – the invites were finished and dropped in the mail today.

Tomorrow we have a girls day doing some holiday shopping (although I think I’m mostly done but am in desperate need of some new work pants for myself).  I’m hoping to do some updating over the Thanksgiving holiday because I do have a ton of pictures – and at that point I think things will have slowed a bit so that I can actually sit and get things done!


One thought on “Because I am AWESUM at blogging!

  1. that’s a crazy busy few days!!

    every year I do this thing where I say I am done shopping and congratulate myself on staying w/in my budget, etc. And then from that moment until the last gift-giving day of the season, I triple the amount of stuff I bought. Ugh.

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