Because our last name is Griswald

This morning Brian and I ran the “Jingle Bell Run” at the Milwaukee Zoo.  In honor of the occasion Blake wore a Christmas shirt – he wasn’t out of place considering there were jingle bells to tie on your shoes, and Santa, an Elf and a bunch of presents were running the race, too.  So yeah, maybe we looked a little strange walking around the zoo afterwards… and going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  But that’s not why I say our name could be Griswald….

We put up our Christmas lights this afternoon.

Yep, I’m not proud but when you live in northern Illinois and you have a weekend in November with 70-degree weather you take advantage of it.  And we did!  But we are NOT turning them on until after Thanksgiving so I think that makes it slightly better.

I can’t believe how nice the weather was this weekend – when I signed up for the race I was thinking I’d be running bundled up – I even bought a pair of gloves!  It ended up being one of the better races I’ve run – not too hot and not too cold.  I think the great weather for the run today (which I haven’t found our chip times for yet) I’m in the mood for another race – even thinking about one on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day (hey – the give you a bottle of champagne!) but I’m guessing those races won’t have 60-degree start temperatures…

The fact that we were able to see the zoo afterwards made it that much better. While we were walking to the first exhibit we asked Blake what animal he’d like to see and he said he wanted to see a peacock.  Not really knowning where the birds were, and thinking maybe many of the animals would be staying indoors I was like, great…  we’re going to have to walk around the entire zoo to look for a peacock and we’re not going to see one and it’s going to end in a tantrum and crying and man oh man…  And then what do you think was walking down the path towards us (seriously, not even in an exhibit but walking. down. the path):

Jingle Bell Run and... the Zoo!

Jingle Bell Run and... the Zoo!

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!  I don’t think you can quite tell but in the picture with the cheetah Blake is moving away from the window as quickly as possible – the cheetah kept walking past and eyeing everyone – and Blake was SO brave (even hitting the window)… until the cheetah came back!

Hannah was also with us but for the majority of the visit this is what she did:

Napping at the Zoo

Napping at the Zoo

I’m gearing up for my last week of work before starting my new job next Monday.  Here’s to  new things!

*Side note…  This morning we were thinking we’d have no problem getting up and leaving the house by 7:00 considering one, or both, of the kids are usually up by 6:00 every day.  Yeah… no such luck today!  Hannah had a rough night and after I handed her off to Brian at 5:30 (after being up with her from 4-5:30) she proceeded to sleep until just about 7:00!  And Blake slept until 6:45!!!  What the heck?!?

2 thoughts on “Because our last name is Griswald

  1. I might have to judge you *a little* since it’s not even December yet, but yes, you win points for taking advantage of a nice day. Just please: DON’T TURN THEM ON TILL DECEMBER. Hallowthanksmus must not become a reality!!!!! 😉

  2. We went to Peoria for a college reunion and were soooooo bummed that we weren’t home to put up our lights– last year we missed our opportunity and it got too cold and Harry is still sad we had no lights. This weekend there will be lights!

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