Because I can’t leave that as my main post any longer…

I still sort of can’t believe I posted that information on the web – and at this point I’m going to post fast and furiously until it disappears off the main page!

I have a week longer at my client site and then next Friday is my last day at my current job.  I’m looking forward to the shorter commute but I’m starting to get a bit sad about leaving my current company – they’ve been great to me (and I’m not just saying that) and I’m hoping I can keep in touch with the friends I’ve made.   Heck, one has decided to run the 1/2 Marathon with me in May (or so he says) so I’m hoping I can hold him to it!

We’re starting to get things planned for Blake’s 3rd birthday party – I can’t believe it’s just over a month away!  We were looking at old videos the other night trying to look at milestones (and see how crazy similar he and Hannah are!) and it seems like just yesterday he was a little guy who just kept opening his mouth for more peas.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen today!

It’s almost scary how much they look alike…  But at the same time I also think they are SO different!


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