Because that’s CRAZY!

Two things, really (for those of you looking for kid updates you are more than welcome to skip #2 all together):

1:  Hannah is now doing a modified crawl (not quite a military crawl but more of a flop and wiggle move).  Here’s a quick video (she was getting tired so she took a lot of breaks, this is just a quick one).  She’s only 6 months old (and change) – that’s just too darn early!!!

2:  Now that October has come to an end I’m finished with the Shredheads challenge and I’m crazy enough to post my before and after stats, with photos.  Yep, I’m gonna do it!  I’m proud of my progress and can definitely tell I’m in better shape physically – and heck, if I can win a prize then all the better!  I also have to give massive props to the group set up over there – the support and motivation is awesome so if you’re looking to get in/get back in shape that’s a great place to start.  It’s certainly motivated me – and maybe even Brian, too, because we’re going to run a 5K on Sunday!

Because my Weight Watchers weigh-in days are on Tuesdays my dates fall a little outside of the month of October but I think/hope that’s okay.  From September 29 to November 3 I lost 4.5 pounds (down from 128.5 to 124) and 3.5 inches from the places I’ve been taking measurements(1 from my waist, 0.5 from my hips and 2 from my thigh – and I’m dumb because I’ve only been measuring one thigh)

So yes, I’ve officially lost it – I have posted my weight and pictures of my bare stomach on the internet.  Let the mocking begin (Brian… I’m looking in your direction).

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